Technical Due Diligence

What is Technical Due Diligence?

Technical due diligence is a means for people who are investing money into a software project to learn more about the quality of that project. This is vital information for angel investors, venture capitalists, technology licensors, and business buyers.

What Do Your Due Diligence Reports Offer?

I tailor my investigation and reports to each project and what the client needs fromt the report. Among the possible concerns are things like code quality, security, database design, development methodology and project management signals, devops and build automation, bug tracking/history, testing methodology and automated testing, technology and infrastructure choices, and more.

I can go into more or less depth on each concern based on each client’s focus and can also recommend areas that deserve specific attention for a given project.

What Does Technical Due Diligence Cost?

Each project is different! The biggest factors affecting the cost are the complexity of the project, the number of concerns that need to be explored, and depth of investigation desired for each.


If you’re interested in technical due diligence for a project, let’s chat!

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