Technical Advisor

What is Technical Advising?

App and website development is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profit operators, creatives, and more. There’s a lot to be gained from placing a new app in the App Store or Google Play Store or even just from getting a new Wordpress, e-Commerce, or SaaS website up and running.

Technical advising is a way for me to share my decades of experience in the industry through helpful conversations, research, and writing. It gives non-technical stakeholders some solid ground and confidence while they encounter unfamiliar challenges and try to decipher industry jargon.

How Does Technical Advising Work?

Clients who come to me for technical advising usually have lots of questions. They’re trying to figure out what developer to hire, what technology to use, whether their developers are doing a good job, what some technical words or acronyms mean, etc. They want someone who can discuss product ideas and speak to what’s going on in the industry, from both a technical perspective and an entrepreneurial one.

I answer these questions in whatever level of detail is helpful, and with the patience of this being my only role. For some clients, this amounts to the occasional email or text message. For others, it’s a one time call, a weekly conference call, a lunch, or a in-person whiteboard session.

What Does Technical Advising Cost?

I’ve found that everybody gets the most from a technical advising relationship when it’s billed on a fixed monthly rate. This way, there’s no counting of hours and minutes when all you need is a little help. You just reach out when you need it.

When setting the monthly price, I try to use a sliding scale based on the scope of your project, what you need, and what you can afford.


If you’d like some technical advising on your project, let’s chat!

You can reach me at or 626-375-7084.