Freelancer Coach

What is Freelancer Coaching?

Freelancer Coaching is a service I offer fellow independent freelancers. It’s exact details vary based on what you need, but it covers things like talking through your projects and client relationships, brainstorming about branding and marketing, and accountability checks for when you want to sustain a work habit or work toward a personal deadline.

How Much Does Freelancer Coaching Cost?

Ideally, coaching is billed as a flat-rate monthly retainer that includes ad hoc email and texting as well as regular voice or video meetings. I try to keep the pricing itself adaptive, based on your situation and my availability. I’d like it if you can keep working with me during your lean times and flush times, and so adaptive pricing seems ideal. I’m happy to offer some introductory time for free to see how well we work together.


If you’re interested in coaching for your freelance career, let’s chat!

You can reach me at or 626-375-7084.