Code Reviewer

What is Code Reviewing?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that developers write the source code that becomes an app or website. Code reviews are an opportunity for other developers to inspect the quality of this work, doing much the same thing that a building inspector might do during construction or when buying a house.

What Do You Look For In Code Reviews?

There are many approaches to code reviews, and mine is usually about characterizing the code as a whole rather than auditing it for every possible mistake or second guessing every choice.

The assessments I make are most useful to the people who have commissioned code, as it can often be hard for them to understand the quality of what they’ve been paying for. They may be able to test their app or website to see that specific features work, but they have a hard time knowing if it’s sturdy or fragile, if it’s secure or vulnerable, or if it’s ready for the next steps of their vision.

I tend to answer questions like the following:

  • Is this code written concientiously and with a mind towards best practices? Is the code coherent and organized?
  • Is the code reliable or is it fragile? Is it likely to collect many bugs?
  • Is the code flexible or is it brittle? Will it be easy to add more features? Or will it need major rewriting (“refactoring”) before it can go much farther?
  • Is the code written with security in mind? Are there clear vulnerabilities that could jeopardize a user’s identity or data?
  • Does the code reflect what its developer has said about it? Is it a reasonable code base for the amount of effort they claim? Does it really have the potentials and limitations that they’ve claimed?
  • What parts of the code might need more attention? What parts are especially well composed?
What Do Code Reviews Cost?

Because my code reviews are usually holistic, looking at the code’s character rather than its every detail, they don’t take a lot of time and can therefore be kept to a pretty reliable price. Most of my time is spent preparing a careful, communicative report that explains what I’ve found and what it means. For these sorts of code reviews, I’ll usually offer a fixed price between $500 and $1500.

I’m also available for more intensive code reviews and project audits. These are more suited to developers and larger teams who need a thorough audit of their code or some part of it. These are usually billed by the hour, using a rate appropriate to the required scope and rigor.


If you’re interested in a code review for a project, let’s chat!

You can reach me at or 626-375-7084.