Bid and Proposal Reviewer

What Is Bid and Proposal Review?

Hiring an outside developer to produce an app or website is a daunting task for everyone, and even more so for those trying to do it for the first time. You quickly discover that the same project can get bids that vary in schedule and cost by orders of magnitude and it’s rarely clear why.

However, having worked in the industry for as long as I have and in the roles that I have, I’ve seen quite a lot of these bids and have written quite a few myself.

As an independent Bid and Proposal Reviewer, I provide insight into the differences between one proposal and another and the assumptions each proposal is making.

What Do Bid and Proposal Reviews Offer?

As a specific form of Technical Advice, these reviews provide a means to make one of the most critical decisions in a software project: who will do the work!

I help my clients see where corners are being cut, where where things are being overcomplicated and overengineered, where risks are being taken, and where risks can be avoided. I help them understand what to expect from the developer. I also alert them to contract terms (like ownership retention or payment structures) that they might not know to consider.

This information lets them be more confident in their choices of who to work with, gives them opportunity to have the bid refined, and gives them ground for which to negotiate a more fair work agreement.

What Does Bid and Proposal Review Cost?

I’m sensitive to the fact that these reviews often occur in the earliest days of a project when expenses need to be carefully measured. Thankfully, all my years of experience allow me to get a read on these bids and proposals very quickly.

While the actual price for a review can depend on the size and scope of the project, it’s usually a pretty modest fixed price.

Alternately, we can just include it as part of an ongoing Technical Advice relationship.


If you’d like to have some bids or proposals reviewed, let’s chat!

You can reach me at or 626-375-7084.