App Buyer

What is App Buying? How is it salvage?

App salvaging is essentially a hobby I’ve taken up. I look for original mobile apps that didn’t catch on or that have faltered since their original launch, and when they’re the right fit I buy them!

Why Do You Do It?

Much the way a building contractor might find opportunity or some handy raw materials when buying a distressed home, or a mechanic with a some beater of a car, I can do the same thing with distressed apps. My particular skills at rehabilitating projects open up a unique and fun potential.

Instead of working on someone else’s project as a SWAT Coder or Advisor to address their crises, I just buy out the code and treat myself to the freedom of tinkering at my own pace and with my own ideas.

What Do You Look For When Buying Apps for Salvage?

The criteria I use are:

  • The app needs to be actively published. For moble apps, this means it must be available in an app store. This helps me know that it’s reached some form of completion.
  • The app needs to be distressed. If the app is getting good reviews and is earning revenue, I encourage you to take it to app business broker! I’m happy to recommend a few. I’m specifically looking to buy are the apps that brokers aren’t interested in.
  • The app needs to be non-trivial and interesting. This is a subjective measure, but I’m looking for apps that have something to them.
  • The app needs to have its source code and all assets available and transferable. In order to salvage an app, I need to be able to access and edit its source code and other assets. I need to be able to build the app myself.
Why Should I Sell My App To You?

In our lives, we’ve all worked on projects that didn’t go the way we hoped. Eventually, we feel like we have no choice but to give up on them. They’re not worth the financial cost or even attention of ongoing maintenance. We’ve moved onto other projects and responsibilities. At the same time, we invested real time and money into making them happen and it would be nice to at least recoup a little bit of that.

That’s what I offer. Most app buyers are looking for apps that are already successfully monetized and brokers set their prices based on monthly or annual cash flow figures. These buyers want to know they’ll get a return on their income immediately and want a history that demonstrates what the return will be. They’re not interested in the apps that never quite made it, and so it can feel impossible to sell this raw material.


If you’d like to talk about selling me the code and rights to your app, let’s chat! I’d also love to hear from other buyers who operate in this space. I’m very open in pooling resources and sharing referrals.

You can reach me at or 626-375-7084.