Over the years, colleagues and clients have generously shared their experience working with me. See my LinkedIn profile for more detail on how I worked with each of them.

Andrew is known as someone who can turn seemingly impossible situations into successful outcomes. He has depth of knowledge, experience, and raw talent. If you want your software done right, talk to Andrew.

– James Dueck

Andrew is a true pleasure to work with- great communication, innovative solutions and very fast service. I highly recommend him!

– Missy Goldberg

Talking to Andrew is like having an interactive TED Talk–call it a TED Conversation. Oftentimes the smartest one on a conference call, he always gives others the chance to shine by adding to their ideas and making them look like the rockstar. Instead of intimidating, he inspires.

I owe a lot to Andrew for the lessons he has gone out of his way to teach.

– Joshua Philips

Andrew is excellent at jumping into a project and becoming productive quickly, even when it involves learning a new skill or technology. I always enjoy working with Andrew.

– Michael Stone

Andrew is a well organized, intelligent, and insightful developer and project manager. I’m continually impressed with his approach to problem solving and software development. Hands down one of the best developers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

– Steven Huey

Andrew’s unique ability to combine a broad software engineering background with client-centric business savvy makes him my go-to guy when trying to triage out software feasibility, possible implementation tactics or provide technical business analysis for clients. His considered, articulate and didactic communication style allows him to translate complex technical information into “user-friendly”, digestable concepts for even the most non-technical client.

– Kendall Wyman

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrew for many years. He’s a brilliant developer who picks up new technologies with remarkable speed and efficiency. We’ve relied upon him many times to swoop in and augment a project team, often in completely unfamiliar domains and sometimes while using the framework, or even language, for the first time. Andrew also has the vision and common sense to help clients understand what they really want, and has designed elegant solutions for massive systems and small ones. He’s dependable and a great communicator, and an asset to any project I can imagine.

– Andrew Sherbrooke

Andrew is a problem solver. Andrew is great at capturing and analyzing details, formulating a plan, and applying the appropriate technologies and tools to implement an efficient solution. Andrew is a very reliable resource that gets things done with minimal supervision, a goto person.

– Bob Bajoras

Andrew wasted no time acquiring a reputation within Art & Logic as a kind of 1-man SWAT team who could be trusted to drop into a project that was having trouble and turn it around quickly and as cleanly as possible. His ability to rapidly develop deep and nuanced understanding of technologies and problem domains that were new to him has consistently impressed me.

He’s definitely the kind of developer who gets fought over at project staffing time.

– Brett g Porter

I’ve always enjoyed chatting with Andrew about the strategy and vision of software projects. He has a background in a wide variety of technologies and has a passion for the bigger picture. Andrew has the ability to understand ideas quickly and build on them with pragmatic, valuable recommendations.

As a software engineer, I think of him as a go-to person to triage and resolve issues that I’ve seen arise in complex projects. He is also an excellent project manager and developer. In one case where I saw him lead and develop code for a project from start to finish – creating a new web technology for a trio of forward-thinking record labels – he navigated the project to completion dramatically quicker and less expensively than was budgeted.

– Touradj Barman

Andrew Palumbo is highly intelligent and talented, incredibly knowledgeable, technically versed, has quick insight, and responds to hurdles fluidly, bringing ease to any evolving project. Working on a project managed by Andrew is a pleasure.

– Leah Chandra Nadolski