Andrew Palumbo

20+ Years in Software Development and Management

With well over 100 projects behind me, I help people get custom software projects done and working. I specialize in crisis intervention on existing projects and in helping non-technical people work with the freelancers and vendors they’ve already hired. I also help other freelancers succeed with their projects, clients, and career more generally. I’ve done work for Google and Apple as well as for people just struggling with their first attempt at making an app or website. It’s helping these small, individual clients that makes me the most happy! | 626-375-7084 | LinkedIn | Pasadena, CA (Remote)


SWAT Coder

I rescue buggy, abandoned, and troubled software projects.

Technical Advisor

I help entrepreneurs work with their technical contractors, employees, and vendors.

Code Reviewer

I audit source code for mobile, desktop, web, and embedded projects.

Porting and Rewriting

I translate projects between platforms and rewrite codebases that have become too fragile or dated to maintain.

Bid and Proposal Reviewer

I provide impartial review of bids from freelancers and outsource/offshore vendors.

Project Specification

I expand and formalize project plans so that they earn accurate bids and estimates.

Technical Due Diligence

I assess custom software projects prior to investment, license, or purchase.

Freelancer Coach

I help freelancers work with clients and stay focused.

App Buyer (Salvage)

I buy mobile apps that other buyers and brokers ignore.



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