Andrew Palumbo

Software Development Consultant

I work with individuals charting an unfamiliar path through the software development industry. As much coach as consultant, I'm available for advising, audits, due diligence, debugging, SWAT coding, crisis intervention, support sourcing, technical design, mentorship, and more.


  1. Businesses are made of people. We care about our work, but we sleep, eat, stress, and we have lives to go home to. I focus on helping people acheive their goals, and believe personal confidence and peace of mind leads to a more successful business effort for everyone involved.
  2. Aim for effective, not ideal. Risk and compromise are always present and perfection isn't possible. My goal is to identify risk and inform compromise so that decisions make constant forward progress.
  3. Use plain language. Buzzwords and jargon alienate outsiders. Rather than alienate, I strive to integrate people by using everyday language and translating industry concepts into accessible descriptions.
  4. Be helpful and honest. Being supportive and accomodating inevitably pays off in the long run. I'd rather help people than sell things to them. I work to build honest, constructive relationships that focus on long-term trust.
  5. Context informs choices. There are a dozen roads from here to there. Choosing the best one requires an eye towards all the factors: the individuals, the costs, the risks, the rewards. I prioritize understanding the real-world big picture over following some princple etched into a textbook.


I've worked 20 years in the software development industry as an engineer, manager, executive, mentor, and consultant. It's long enough and varied enough of a career that I've seen a lot of things from a lot of different perspectives. My particular insights and expertise are uniquely oriented.

I've been involved in well over 100 projects for more than 50 clients ranging from international brands like Apple, Google, GoPro, and adidas to dozens of startups, sole proprietorships, and non-profits.

I've led teams, published apps, crafted websites, architected databases, audited codebases, and resuscitated projects verging on disaster. I've been responsible for million dollar projects and thousand dollar WordPress sites. I've estimated projects, requested estimates for projects, been hired for projects, hired others for projects. I've written a lot of code. I've worked with the hottest programming languages and platforms as well as many of the most esoteric. Most important to me, I've helped people.

Example Relationships

    A Small Business Owner needs a website or an app to support their brand or expand their service portfolio. I help them identify and work with the graphic design and technical contractors that will produce it for them.

    An Investor wants to evaluate a pitch or review a project they've lost confidence in. I provide the due diligence they need at these moments.

    A Founder has a visionary idea but lacks the technical experience to see it through alone. I help them articulate their vision in technical terms, choose among the many paths toward implementation, and enhance their appeal to the potential investors and cofounders.

    A Developer feels like they've been stuck in the same role for too long. I help them strategize an ambitious, fulfilling vision for their career and coach them through the process of making it real.

A Digital Entrepreneur is purchasing a website, e-commerce retailer, or app through a business brokerage. I help them assess the existing technical material before their purchase, support them through the transition of ownership, and guide them through the customizations and enhancements that they seek to apply.

An Industry Professional recognizes an overlap between the people they support and the people I support. We connect on LinkedIn and get acquainted so that we can make personal, informed referrals when they're valuable to the people around us.

A Custom Software Salesperson receives inquiries for undercooked project ideas and can't bid on them accurately. Rather than absorbing the cost of product design into their sales process, they refer the leads to me and I help the leads develop their ideas into a clear RFP or specification.

A Creative Agency Producer produces original digital solutions for their clients as part of an intense, demanding production schedule. They know that their primary technical team can sometimes be stretched too thin. I help them weather these moments through short-term, high-value interventions of SWAT coding and debugging.

An App Publisher struggles with repeated conflicts and delays associated with their outsourced development vendor. I review the crisis and code, offer mediation for the conflict, and intervene as needed with SWAT coding or referrals to other vendors.

A Journalist is preparing an article about a new technology trend, or is reporting on a newsworthy event in the software industry. I deliver insights and expert statements that drive their research forward and enhance their article.


  • Ad Hoc Advising
  • Weekly or Monthly Advising
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Proposal / Bid Review
  • RFP Preparation
  • Project / Product Assessment
  • Source Code Audits / Code Review
  • Technical Design / Architecture
  • Project Scope Estimation
  • Sourcing Developers and Designers
  • Sourcing Consultants in Other Specialties
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Candidate Screening
  • Subject Matter Commentary
  • SWAT Coding / Debugging
  • Resume / CV Review
  • Career Mentoring and Coaching

Selected Expertise

Industries: Consumer Applications, Creative, Education, Games, Health and Fitness, Insurance, Information Security, Non-profit, Music, Real Estate Investment, Retail, Small and Local Business, Travel, Utility Services

Platforms: AIR, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google AppEngine, Google Firebase, HTML5, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows

Frameworks / CMS's: Angular, CakePHP, Django, Drupal, Flex, Laravel, Magento, node.js, Pyramid, Rails, React, Turbogears, Wordpress, Yii

Databases: Firebase, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, sqlite

Languages: ActionScript, C, C++, C#, CSS, HTML5, Flash, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, TypeScript